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Word Meaning
Abrasion The wearing away of tooth surface by brushing too vigorously. Usually evident where gum meets tooth.
Abscess A confined area of pus caused by an infection.
Abutment A tooth, crown or implant, that supports a bridge or denture.
Acrylic A plastic material that is used for making dentures, temporary crowns and bridges.
Acute Rapidly progressing, severe (infection or growth).
Adult Teeth Permanent teeth.
Aesthetic Attractive, appealing or beautiful.
Aesthetics Refers to beauty, and the factors that make something attractive and appealing. 
Air Abrasion The blasting of a mixture of air and small metal particles onto a tooth. Used for removing decay or enamel. It can replace the drill for small cavities. 
Alginate A spongy plastic material used for taking impressions. 
Alloy Dental alloy: A metallic material made up of a mixture of metals and mercury. Used for silver fillings. 
Alveolar Bone The supporting bone around the roots of teeth. 
Alveolar Ridge The rim of bone remaining after teeth have been extracted. 
Alveoplasty The trimming of the bone in the alveolar ridge, in preparation for dentures. 
Amalgam A silver filling.
It is a combination of mercury mixed with powdered silver, copper and tin. 
Anaesthesia A medically induced pain free state. 
Anaesthetic A drug that induces a pain free state. 
Analgesia The absence or relief of pain. 
Analgesic A pain relieving substance. 
Anatomy The physical shape and structure (of teeth, jaws, face). 
Anodontia Congenital absence of teeth. 
Anterior Teeth Front teeth. 
Apex of Root End or tip of a root. 
Apical Abscess An abscess at the end of a root. 
Apicectomy Surgical removal of the end of a root. 
Arch The U shaped arrangement or alignment of teeth in the upper and lower jaws. 
Arch wires These wires attach to the brackets and act as tracks to guide the movement of the teeth. Arch wires can be metal, clear or tooth coloured.
Attrition The wearing away of the tooth surface by grinding, during chewing. 
Avulsion Tooth loss by being knocked out of the mouth.