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Is the site easy to understand?

Yes, it is. The Simplyteeth site has been written in plain English, using a question-and-answer format, which is easy to read and understand.

All technical terms or unusual words - highlighted in green in the text - are linked to a dental dictionary. Simply click on a green word and the definition will pop-up onto the screen.

Colour photographs, x-rays and drawings have been used throughout the site. They clearly illustrate different conditions and procedures. These often show the condition before, during and after treatment. All photographs, x-rays and drawings are initially displayed in thumbnail form. They enlarge to full size with a click of the mouse.

We recommend that the section on Dental Anatomy - the first subject in the About Teeth category - should be read by all visitors to the site. It describes the outer shapes and internal details of the teeth and jaws, their parts, names and positions. It also explains how to understand and interpret x-rays, which are often used to illustrate tooth and gum problems. This subject will help the visitor to understand and appreciate the contents of the site.

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