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Simplyteeth is a unique dental website. It is a complete dental reference to teeth and gums, normal and abnormal, healthy and unhealthy. Dental information is presented to the public for the first time that takes the patient into the world of dentistry.

Most of us turn to the dentist when we have toothache, but we should be partners with our dentist in preventing dental problems. This guide will tell you how to take care of your teeth every day. It will explain a system of oral hygiene to be practised at home (and checked regularly by the dentist) designed to keep your mouth healthy. This can help you to take the initiative in your dental health programme.

Professional and Academic Dentists (practitioners and professors) from Britain and the United States of America have contributed information, photographs and graphics to this site. The information is reliable and is provided by the most reputable sources. Very often we quote from the report on Oral Health in America, by the U.S Surgeon General, in order to confirm our information.

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